The day that Tenoch Huerta insulted the followers of America, .

When Disney + came to light, hundreds of fans of that company did not hesitate to want to have an account to enjoy the content offered by the platform, but some hours ago, there are those who have already changed their minds.

Rumors indicate that Mexican actor Tenoch Huerta could be part of Black Panther 2, which has generated anger in Disney fans to the extent that some have already suspended their account from the new platform (Disney +).

Huerta has been criticized and singled out for his comments on Twitter in which he incites hatred and violence. Even in one of them, he shoots against the fans of the Águilas del América.

It was in 2018 when the actor published:

“Yesterday I was going to start talking about new masculinities and bullying with some compas at the Guanajuato festival and a couple of brothers (they were carnal) said they were going to America … And shawls I couldn’t help it. Ches (emojis of a knife ) !!! Fucking Ches !!! “.

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