Yesterday Pau Gasol He commented in an interview that he may have already played his last basketball game. We recall that he has suffered a foot injury that has been on his side for almost a year and that he had the great goal of reaching the Toki Olympicsor that because of the health crisis of coronavirus it seems that they are not going to dispute. Thus, and although we hope that at almost forty years of age he still has a game ahead, we want to pay him our special tribute talking about what has probably been his best night in his NBA career.

We were located at the Staples Center on June 17, 2010. The Los Angeles Lakers have come to equal the series to three after beating TD Garden in a duel to life. The Lakers are looking for their second consecutive ring and avenge the painful defeat of 2008. With all those ingredients, with the two best franchises in the NBA face to face, Pau Gasol played a tremendous game, which kept many mouths (unfortunately not forever) from experts who accused him of being soft.

Gasol was huge in the game, in very different areas. At a key moment in the game, near the end, Pau captured what was his ninth rebound in dueling attack and kicked Rasheed Wallace out of the game. The duel ended with 19 points and 18 rebounds to be decisive in their victory. Many are the experts who say that he would have deserved the MVP of those Finals ahead of Kobe Bryant. It is not important. Pau proved to be a giant. An eternal giant.