Itations like the ones we live bring out the best and worst in people. Just as there are those who give food and medicine to those most in need, there are also those who commit fraud with social support programs. The government of Mexico again alerted the population to not be fooled by ads circulating on social networks and instant messaging services in which people outside the administration offer support of 25 thousand pesos and false food cards as part of an assumption emerging program in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic. Recently, the Ministry of Welfare and the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) froze the accounts of people linked to an alleged fraud that consisted of delivering those false cards in exchange for cash deposits. The first fraudsters have already fallen, but it is not the only gang, there are other groups that operate in different states of the Republic. Networks operating suspected frauds seek to charge access to bogus support programs or steal personal information from citizens. In the tremor of # S19 something similar happened. Even important donations that came from foreign institutions disappeared and there was fraudulent management in the programs that were in charge of the Mexico City government, then governed by Miguel Ángel Mancera. It is an open file and should not be repeated.

German rescue

Some business organizations continue to kick because they insist that the government get into debt, as if the 11 trillion pesos that it inherited from Prianism were not enough. Although they assure that they do not expect another Fobaproa, the small letter of their proposal reads a series of conditions equivalent to a minifobaproa, such as returning to universal tax compensation and its deferral, including its cancellation. The government’s response has been laconic and firm: no.

Germany launches its own Fobaproa

Lufthansa airline confirmed the previous week that it is in talks with the government about a rescue package for 9 billion euros. It contains a clause: 25 percent of the company’s shares will remain with the State until it finishes paying its debt. It is the same model that the United States follows. In Mexico it was a hideous robadero. The governments of Ernesto Zedillo and Vicente Fox took over the losses of the companies and did not return the money, they charged it to the taxpayers. You still owe a trillion pesos and in recent years you have already paid another one. They impoverished you and your family.

DNA40 on Amazon

Tv Azteca announced that adn40 is now available on Amazon Prime Video through its channels. For more than three years, Adn40 has made informational and analytical television with its opinion bar, through which analysts have paraded to talk about politics, economy and culture, among other topics. Adn40 arose from the Tv Azteca reinvention strategy promoted by Benjamín Salinas Sada. The Adn40 channel will be available on Prime Video at no cost for the next three months.

Social Ombudsman

Subject: work in Bachoco

I am a Bachoco worker, in this contingency the plant has not stopped and the salary increase that they give us every year because they simply did not give it to us, we only knew through talks with our area managers that there will be no increase. The plant has not stopped working, what’s more, it has gone up due to the Covid-19, and still they took away the increase in salary and some benefits that we had.

Daniel Sánchez / Guanajuato

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