The realities collide when economic activity begins in the United States: on the one hand, health: there are 103 thousand deaths and one million 75 thousand infections, thus occupying the first place in the world. On the opposite side are the employment figures: 40.8 million have lost their jobs and need to apply for unemployment insurance, or have already applied for it. According to ., the recent layoffs correspond to state and local government offices, and a second wave of closings in the private sector. GDP contracted 5 percent in the first quarter and the decline is expected to be 30.3 in the second. Logic says that if the horrifying number of more than 100,000 deaths was recorded during the confinement, it will increase now that it is gradually ending. There is no vaccine or treatment. The border with Mexico has been closed for more than a month to the transit of people who do not have papers of citizenship of the United States or Mexicans without green cards.

The Healthy Distance

The Mexican government faces a challenge similar to that of the United States. At the beginning of the Sana Distancia campaign, on March 23, the number of infections was 367 and four deaths. Two days after its completion, the infected number 81,400 and the deaths 9,044. In the economic sphere, Banco de México presented three probable scenarios: gray, dark, and black.

Neither is good, it describes dramatic drops in production. And in terms of employment, he anticipates that 1,400,000 people will be unemployed in the formal economy. One million have already been unemployed at this time. Could the records be better? Probably yes, but two factors have failed: the resources of the Ministry of Health and the participation of citizens. Thousands of people, entire families, who should be at home and only go out for some reason of force majeure, continue to be seen without face masks on the streets of the Republic. Common sense tells us that we should give Hugo López-Gatell a vote of confidence, extend the quarantine and continue to bring medical equipment and medicines from abroad. However, the economic pressure is great.

The extraditable

Both Emilio Lozoya and Alonso Ancira have been challenging in Spanish courts the request of the Mexican government for them to be extradited to Mexico. Here they offended, here they must be judged. It is reported that the businessman, former president of Altos Hornos de México, lost the appeal and will soon be transferred to our country. Enjoy bail by depositing one million euros. The file of the former CEO of Pemex has not been resolved. For Lozoya, the prison experience has been very terrible, since he has lived behind bars the pandemic that has been particularly harsh in Spain. Has the political class learned from someone else’s head? Chances are not. What he has learned is not to let another López Obrador come to the government.

Social Ombudsman

Subject: junk food

In his column Money he makes mention of junk food. My personal experience is that when you try to start a food business in a formal way, you come across a series of expensive, cumbersome and, apparently, eternal requirements and requirements, such as a civil protection ruling. It is easier to sell chips, fries and street food because there are no formalities, you only pay one to the leader of the street vendors and that’s it.

Miguel Ruiz / Puebla (verified by phone)

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