Among all the anecdotes that have emerged in recent weeks from the documentary on Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls, ‘The Last Dance’, one of the most surprising has recently been revealed by Tim grover, former physical trainer of Jordan himself. According to Grover, the star of the Illinois franchise was “poisoned” with a pizza in 1997.

The events date back to the NBA Finals of that same year, specifically in a hotel where the Bulls were staying the day before playing the fifth game of the Finals against Utah Jazz (with the series tied 2-2). The statements regarding Tim Grover, made on the podcast “Pardon My Take”, were as follows:

“The players were hungry that night and went to a pizzeria, but it was closed. However, they only asked for one for Jordan. Five men approached her to her room. Me and the other players had a bad feeling about that pizza, but Michael said, “Come on man, don’t fuck with me,” and he ate it, “said Tim Grover.

“At 3 in the morning I am awakened by a call asking me to go to Michael Jordan’s room. Once there, I saw what was waiting for me: Jordan was in a fetal position and had food poisoning. That pizza directly affected him. He had to play the game the next day with a fever. “

Despite all this, the next day Michael Jordan came out to play the game, and with the Chicago Bulls 16 points down in the last quarter, he managed to turn the tortilla around scoring a total of 17 points in that time period.