The playoffs of 2013 were exciting for the New York Knicks. They had finished second in the regular season in the East and were looking forward to reaching the Conference Finals, where they would meet the Miami Heat of LeBron, Wade and company. However, things did not go well.

In the semis, the Pacers passed them over and sent them home despite having the field factor in their favor. This elimination had JR Smith, the new brand-new signing of Los Angeles Lakers, as one of the great protagonists. And not because of his role on the court, but because of what he was doing outside of it.

And it is that at that time JR Smith was associated with one of the most famous voices in the world, with Rihanna. And, of course, this made it the cover of magazines of the heart. During that tie against the Pacers, Smith was caught at a party hosted by the singer, and many Knicks fans blamed her for the player leaving during the playoffs.

She, of course, defended herself. And he did so by attacking and making it clear that JR’s behavior was not due to his company. Come on, he liked the party and kept going out even though his team was risking his life:

« This said to the fan: » Fuck you to your team of culones! He’s fucking everything because he’s hangover since the playoffs started. It’s going out every night, so the problem has nothing to do with me. « 

It must be said that this partying behavior of JR Smith caused their numbers to drop (from 18 points for a duel in the regular season to 14 and a horrible percentage of shot in the playoffs).

Over time he has matured and it is clear that this is a great signing for the Los Angeles Lakers. But as a young man Smith was unreliable, and look he was good …