The day Henry Cavill ‘saved’ his nephew from bullying

A day like any other became a true nightmare for the child, because he chose a shirt of Superman to go to school and once there, he could not hide that his inspiration to take her was his uncle, because he was the real Superman.

Unfortunately, the teasing was immediate from his classmates, his teacher, for her part, tried to explain to him that the mythical hero does not exist in real life.

Confused, sad and not quite understanding what was happening, Thomas ended up at the school’s address (to avoid being bothered by the other children), and they called the boy’s parents to come get him. And that is where Cavill’s action begins, as his sister-in-law immediately contacted him so that he was aware of the situation.

As an exemplary uncle and a true superhero, Cavill offered to go for Thomas to the place where he was. This after his sister-in-law informed the authorities that, in effect, his son was not lying, and that his uncle was Superman, and the teachers also dismissed his version.

Fortunately, the curious captured the moment and spread the image on networks, which since Thursday went viral on networks.

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