Chiquis Rivera has always shown that there is no shame in showing his wild and sensual side, however there are times when takes it too far. One of those occasions occurred in 2018 during one of her presentations and that is that the daughter of Jenni Rivera she is very passionate about everything she does.

It happened during a concert he gave at a palenque in California. The famous one was wearing a tight latex dress that marked every part of his body. La Rivera was carried away by his movements and at one point he dropped so low that it made the back of his outfit burst.

As soon as her fans realized they asked her to continue dancing, however, she very honestly answered them: “Now, the hole I have behind me is opening up more,” with the humor that characterizes her.

The cheers and laughter did not wait, certainly a painful bodysuit accident that could have happened to anyone. And is that Chiquis is not the only famous who has gone through something like that, Cardi B exactly happened to him during a live concert and Laura Pausini fared worse, by showing all its front part live.