The Day: Balance of the day


▲ The technical director of the Women’s Tri, Mónica Vergara, hopes to repeat the dose to her counterpart from Costa Rica on Tuesday at the facilities of the High Performance Center. Photo Jam Media


na fresh breeze settled on the bench of the women’s Tri after more than 20 years of the Cuéllar. Strategist Monica Vergara put together a highly dynamic eleven that, at 3-1, warned Costa Rica that Mexico is ready to dominate the third place in the Concacaf zone. The great challenge in this new stage is to get closer to the level of the powers of the area, Canada and the United States. The most beneficial thing about the projected American league would be to include women’s soccer.

With an interesting proposal, the tricolores met with history in the friendly match held on Saturday at the Azteca stadium. The international Stephany Mayor, captain in the role of creative, was up to the task; the team presented itself with irrepressible momentum, a joy that manifested itself in overwhelming attacks, two options were missed before the goals. Later, Vergara wanted to observe more players and the level decreased, but it was a great test that awaits a reply on Tuesday at CAR.

Three years after its creation, the Liga Mx Femenil bears fruit despite the fact that the bulk of the clubs have not taken the interest due to the enthusiastic women. This explains why the strategist is taking as a basis the powerful royal teams. What is evident – once again – is that a potential existed for a long time that the Mexican Soccer Federation kept buried out of disdain, laziness or apathy, until the day it had to abide by FIFA’s designs.

Monica is the seasoned student of Leonar-do Cuéllar, but everything indicates that there will be a change in the style of play to give her liveliness and offensive power. It is necessary to add the talent of the foreign players with Charlyn Corral at the head, for now convalescing from a knee operation. The lead was erased in the last stage of the Cuéllar, however, a Pichichi can never be an ignored piece.

The referees were in the eye of the hurricane after matches on date 7. From the circumstantial save by Óscar Macías to a ball that had a goal signature for Cruz Azul against Toluca, passing through the supposed improper alignment of Federico Viñas ignored by Édgar Rangel , fourth judge in the Atlas-América, in whose party Fernando Guerrero gave a penalty to the Eagles. And to top it off, the alleged racist insults that Adonai Escobedo did not see or hear in San Luis-Santos.

A punishment is predicted for Rangel, but there are already many failures in the collegiate body headed by Arturo Brizio. Errors are the bread and butter and video refereeing seems to have become a headache. The central judges make consultations that are too long or flatly shrug their shoulders and meekly comply with the verdict handed down from the VAR booth.

Investigations into the case of racism and Viñas are ongoing. Grupo Orlegi is the complainant in both matters: Atlas is eager to receive three points on the table, it would be a true godsend for a club in distress. And Santos Laguna accuses the Argentine Germán Berterame of uttering racist insults against Félix Torres. The accusations extend to the Atlético San Luis board of directors.

They say that the coronavirus numbs taste and smell, and it seems that it has already affected all football addicts, because in the Liga Mx the few figures do not shine and few games can be savored. Necaxa snatched a point from the bland Monterrey, Chief Tomás Boy set off the alarms at the Mazatlán lighthouse with three defeats. America was installed in the leadership with a bland party …, unless they take away the points claimed by the rojinegros.

León fought to resume the victorious path, he won with a hurry to some Pumas that are not even the shadow of the previous tournament. The absences due to injuries are weighing too heavily on coach Andrés Lillini, who is experiencing a nightmare tournament. Cruz Azul again encourages the illusion in its doubting followers who do not know whether to relapse in that toxic relationship, if this time the impulse is serious or everything will end again in tears and frustration. Today the curtain closes with the shock of the depressed: Tuzos-Chivas.