The daughter of Almudena Grandes and Luis García Montero, number 4 of Falange in Madrid

Moment of the conference by Elisa García Grandes (Photo: YOUTUBE LA FALANGE)

Elisa García Grandes, daughter of the writer Almudena Grandes and the director of Instituto Cervantes and also writer Luis García Montero, will go as number 4 on the Falange list for the 4-M elections

This has been advanced by the Servimedia agency. Elisa has already participated in various events for the Falangist training and has even participated in lectures published on the party’s channel. There he is presented as a “comrade.” Elisa expands on an analysis of national unionism and considers José Antonio Primo de Rivera as a “spiritual pillar”.

At the end of 2020, his figure jumped to the forefront of today and the networks when his association with this formation became known, something shocking with the ideology of his parents.

However, Luis García Montero himself dedicated an article in Infolibre to his daughter in which he collected phrases such as “I tell my daughter Elisa that we can ask that our ideas be respected as long as we do not insist on imposing our ideas on others” .

“While we eat the meat in sauce, I let my daughter bring up the topic of the day, a family affair. I tell her not to worry, that although the attacks are against her father and mother, only she can be hurt, and if she is well we can even laugh and sing any hymn “, writes the poet in the text dedicated to Elisa .


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