The data that shows the constant progression of Coco Gauff

Coco gauff he continues to show his evolution as a tennis player away from the media spotlight. The American tennis player is signing a really constant year and at her young age she has just amassed a new statistical data that speaks very well of her. If in 2019 Coco entered the top-100 for the first time and in 2020 it entered the top 50 in the world, the conclusion of the US Open 2021 has left her for the first time inside, neither more nor less, than the top-20. It is a fact that becomes more relevant when we take a look at her age: Gauff is still only 17 years old, being the youngest tennis player among the 300 best on the circuit. In the absence of a great performance in a Grand Slam, Coco continues to show that she is a future value for the next few years.

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