Definitely ABBA is one of the most successful groups of all time, that since they began their career in the early 70s have given us great moments of happiness with a lot of songs that became instant classics like “Mamma Mia”, “Fernando”, “Dancing Queen” and many others. However, There are stories of each of the members that leave us with a square eye.

Specifically we talk about Anni-Frid Lyngstad (the singer of the dark hair group, jiar jiar), who has a somewhat dark past and that perhaps not many knew, because was involved –without being aware– in one of the projects that he German National Socialist Workers Party, headed by himself Adolfo Hitler had to create a true pure race, what a creepy, right?

The dark story of Anni-Frid, the ABBA singer who was born from a Nazi experiment

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This is the whole story

Anni-Frid was born on November 15, 1945 in Narvik, Norway. Her mother was a young woman called Synni Lyngstad, and his father was Alfred Haase, a German soldier who had arrived to occupy that country. Alfred, in addition to fighting, was part of a weird show called Lebensborn (which translated from German means “source of life”) and with which They encouraged German troops to bear children with the Nordic women.

Own Hitler considered that those women were superior beings and worthy of their genesSo the plan was launched while they dominated Norway. The program was created in 1935 by Heinrich Himmler, one of the leaders of the Schutzstaffel (known by its initials H.H), the military and security organization that was primarily responsible for the Holocaust and the persecution of ethnic minorities.

The dark story of Anni-Frid, the ABBA singer who was born from a Nazi experimentThe dark story of Anni-Frid, the ABBA singer who was born from a Nazi experiment

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At first, the Lebensborn was only intended for high-ranking Nazi officers, arguing that they were the most apt to carry out this ‘mission’, with which they raped and insulted thousands of women. It is believed that from this sinister obligatoria compulsory cross ’program, About 8 thousand babies were born, including ABBA singer Anni-Frid.

However, as the months went by, included the soldiers common and is right here when Alfred comes in, the father of the ABBA singer, who at 24 years old and being married met Synni. The couple had a relationship for a long time until 1945 when Alfred Haase had to return to Germany, leaving the young woman pregnant with Anni-Frid.

The dark story of Anni-Frid, the ABBA singer who was born from a Nazi experimentThe dark story of Anni-Frid, the ABBA singer who was born from a Nazi experiment

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When World War II ended and after learning about the horrors Nazi troops had done throughout Norway, Synni and her little girl suffered attacks from their neighbors and acquaintances. As if it was not enough to have people close to them reproaching them for everything that had happened, the Norwegian government put many of the children born to German parents in mental institutions or outright sent them abroad.

That is why Synni and her mother Arntine, they sought refuge in Sweden so that their daughter could lead a normal life, without retaliation for a past of which she was not guilty. In the end he succeeded but unfortunately, Synni passed away when the future ABBA singer was just two years old, leaving her under the care of her grandmother.

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Anni-Frid grew up and formed the successful group with which the world would know her, yet she always believed all those years that her father had diedFor, supposedly, the ship on which Alfred had returned to Germany had sunk in the middle of its journey. After a German magazine published its origin story in 1977, Anni-Frid discovered that her father was alive and was able to meet him in person on a date organized by his then fiancé and member of ABBA, Benny Andersson.

At the end, Anni-Frid achieved fame thanks to her songs and talent, never let that torturous and terrible past torment her, a story that very few know. After all, and with the recognition of thousands of fans around the world, this woman became a pop star and a major figure for Swedish royalty, But that is another story.

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