After months of rumors, and after darkening tests on its website, Facebook dark mode is officially coming to mobile apps. At the moment a small group of users; with the promise that its arrival will be progressively expanded.

They have something dark themes in the applications so that they have become an object of desire. And not only the energy saving, something important for those mobiles with OLED screen, they also have a special attraction, they improve the night display of the app and are a preferred option for many users. Therefore, all large companies have developed a dark theme for their applications. Or they are in it, as is the case with Facebook: it has finally released its dark mode in apps.

Facebook gradually releases dark mode

Images from @NotFridayCraig

It usually happens with every major change in applications: an A / B test with a very small number of users occurs first; if it is satisfactory, said test is officially expanded, although the group of ‘testers’ is still small; And if there are no incompatibility problems with the phones, in the end the changes will progressively reach all users. Currently, Facebook is in this last step regarding dark mode for the app.

As some users sighted on Twitter, and were responsible for reviewing in Social Media Today, some iPhone owners are seeing the dark interface of their Facebook. Far from being a reduced test, Facebook has confirmed to the media that the deployment is official, also global. This implies that the dark theme of Facebook will gradually reach all accounts without being able to give a specific date, nor any trick to activate them before. Unless we know.

As the captures demonstrate, dark Facebook theme offers gray backgrounds without going black, the menu cards are slightly lighter gray, the application shows enough consistency as a whole and, by rebound, the lower menu buttons are standardized for more comfortable navigation using the mobile with one hand.

Dark Facebook theme backgrounds don’t hit black, but stay fairly close dark gray

If you use Facebook try opening the application on your phone just in case your account was included in the test group. First it has been sighted on the iPhone, but it should also reach Android.

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The dark mode of Facebook begins to reach the first users