MCCALLEN, Texas— Doctors warn that just because we are in the midst of a COVID-19 health pandemic, it does not mean that people should not seek medical attention for other conditions.

Failure to do so could lead to an emergency situation or escalation to life and death.

Doctors believe that fear of COVID-19 transmission causes patients who are truly at risk to stay home and not be treated.

There is great concern in the medical community that some patients are coming to hospitals suffering from heart attacks or even a stroke.

“We continue to have cases of heart attacks, strokes, and significant infectious diseases that have not gone anywhere. We have to continue to serve our community in all the medical problems that have arisen, ”said Dr. José Vásquez, Starr County Health Authority in McAllen.

Dr. Vásquez pointed out that, if you have severe symptoms, you have to attend to and go to the hospital if necessary since complications can occur that can cost you your life.

“You should seek medical attention when required. We have always said that if the person has mild symptoms from the COVID-19 infection they can do so through a call with their local doctor and require the necessary examinations, but if a person has a severe problem: chest pain, lack of strength on one side of the body, they need to seek medical attention. That can be emergency situations or life and death. So they have to seek medical attention without a doubt, ”explained Dr. Vásquez.

Dr. Vásquez emphasized that there is no risk of contagion in hospitals since the necessary sanitation measures have been taken to protect the community.

“In hospitals we are exercising security measures to avoid contagion. The initiative we took at Starr County Memorial Hospital to test all employees was not just to protect employees, it was to protect the community. Give the community that assurance that the employees who carry out their work in the hospital do not have the virus and they are not going to spread the virus to the community, ”said Dr. Vásquez.

He added that there is a whole system established to care for patients who do not have coronavirus and stated that there is no need to be afraid to go to the hospital especially if it is infections, a possible heart attack or stroke since they can cause lasting or irreversible damage to their health if not attended.