We all know that we should wash our hands daily, especially when we touch objects outside our home. When we do not have soap and water on hand, then it is necessary to apply the hydroalcoholic gel. While it is generally harmless, there are some consequences of its use that should be considered.

In any case, it is necessary to use these gels to prevent the spread of coronavirus, although we must think about what we are doing wrong and avoid the following dangers.

Skin irritations

With so much gel, if we pass it over our face without realizing it, it is possible that irritations or some redness appear on the face, but it is normal in the situation we live in and especially if we apply a lot of gel during the day.

Dry and dehydrated hands

You will have already noticed that in these months the hands have been drier than normal with the hand soap and especially the gel. And it is that in excess they can cause irritations due to the damage it can do to our protective layer. For this we need to hydrate our hands well at the end of the day after use.

Burns in smokers

People who smoke are more at risk in many life situations, including with the use of hydroalcoholic gels. When more alcohol arrives, these gels are flammable and this can cause burns to those who tend to smoke regularly.

Not good at sunbathing

When we are sunbathing and applying the gel, we can get burned. The sun’s rays can cause skin changes along with the gel, and there may be a burn.

Beware of firecrackers

With the festivities of these days in many communities San Juan is celebrated, there are fires and firecrackers. Already warning about the hydroalcoholic gel and light firecrackers. Because being the flammable gel, we can get burned, so it is not recommended to carry this gel in your pocket or close or put when we throw firecrackers.

More irritated eyes

The eyes suffer during the pandemic. It is a very delicate area. So when we touch our face if we have not washed it, badly, but if we touch the inside of the eye many times after the gel placed on the hands, there can also be irritation.