After the atrocious looting that occurred in various commercial stores in the Valley of Mexico, state elements and Cyber ​​Police They detected more than 10 Facebook profiles of young people who are dedicated to theft.

Predatory gangs agree through the social network Facebook or through Whatsapp groups, to commit crimes in stores or supermarkets.

According to the investigations, at least 500 stores are considered as red lights in 18 municipalities, located in the State of Mexico, mainly in Zumpango, Tecámac, Ecatepec and Texcoco.

For this reason, authorities of the State of Mexico and Cybernetics revealed that they have already identified 11 Facebook groups and 45 profiles, those who organize the looting and incite various groups of young people to carry out the same process in various parts of the country.

Maribel Cervantes, Secretary of Security of the State of Mexico, described these actions as a “phenomenon”. In a video by journalist Ciro Gómez Leyva, he said that the groups present themselves in specific situations. “In this case, they take advantage of the coronavirus crisis to commit these crimes.”

Meanwhile, elements of the Cyber ​​Police also detected, three profiles of young people on Facebook, What are they considered the leaders and organizers of the 19 looting recorded in the last 48 hours, in 10 mayors of Mexico City.

According to the Cyber ​​Police, the monitoring of social networks was carried out from March 22 to 25, where they managed to find profiles, publications, groups and events that share the same ideology of predatory activities.

Just on the night of this Wednesday, March 25, five robberies were reported in various city halls, where groups of thieves took, in less than an hour, various items such as: beers, wines, soap, among other things.

Modus operandi has already begun to replicate in the states as well. According to the first reports, yesterday, at least 30 people burst the windows of a Chedraui store, located in Santa Cruz Xoxocotlán in Oaxaca, a few streets away from the International Airport and they stole electronic devices, appliances and cell phones.

About 20 people gathered at the Plaza Torrecillas, in Puebla, where they tried to loot the stores in Telmex, Soriana, Coopel and Famsa; however, they only managed to steal the latter and there were two detainees.

Even, provide a list of stores where they will commit the crimes and announce the time of the meeting.

However, thefts do not appear to be really driven by the need for essential goods. The authorities reported that several people take personal items such as: cell phones, electronic devices, as well as clothing.

On March 19, a video of one of the first robberies this month began to circulate on social networks, where a group of men violently broke into a department store, to take various household appliances and also ran over an employee.

The clip shows the moment when a cargo van enters at full speed through the metal curtain of protection of the place and runs over a cleaning worker.

Seconds after the van knocks down part of the store’s infrastructure and runs over the woman who apparently was covering her shift doing cleaning, three subjects covered in their faces enter and run behind.

Then you see how the vehicle reverses and three more hooded men go down, in addition to the driver. It is still unknown what items were taken or the total amount of the theft.