The CW’s Wonder Girl series announced with Latina superhero

Still on his way to making his comic book debut, a Latin character who will adopt the nickname Wonder girl it has already secured a television incursion. According to recent reports, a homonymous live-action series is developed by The CW network, in complicity with Berlanti Productions.

Wonder Girl is an upcoming show that will contribute to the theme of representation by including the First Latina titular superhero in a television program set within the DC universe.

According to Deadline this week, the projected series will feature Dailyn rodriguez as a screenwriter and also as an executive producer, along with Berlanti Productions’ Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter and David Madden. Previously, Rodriguez (of Cuban descent) wrote and produced the American show Queen of the South, based on the Telemundo title La Reina del Sur.

In the world of comics, Wonder Girl has been the alias of multiple superheroines, the first being Donna Troy, created by Bob Haney and Bruno Premiani and whose first appearance took place in The Brave and the Bold # 60, published by DC Comics in 1965. However, the future television series of The CW will focus on a character still absent from the cartoons: Yara Flor, a young migrant who is the daughter of an Amazon warrior and a Brazilian river god. When she takes over as Wonder Girl, she decides to use her superpowers to protect the world.

She is part of an upcoming DC Comics event, called Future State, whose issues will deal with the successors of the main DC heroes in various alternative futures (via). Within this line, Yara is the new Wonder Woman, but she will be renamed Wonder Girl thanks to a homonymous series of solo comics that will arrive after Future State, under the pen of the artist and illustrator. Joëlle jones.

“It is true. I’m not done with Yara Flor after her debut on DC’s Future State: Wonder Woman in January. More to come! ”Jones said this week.

Regarding the Wonder Girl show, it will seek to adhere to the television universe of DC and The CW, made up of current titles Batwoman, Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash, Supergirl Y Black lightning.

Another Warner Bros. intellectual property that Berlanti Productions currently contemplates bringing to television, as live-action, is The Powerpuff Girls. Come here for the full note.

The CW Wonder Girl

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