Power Rangers: the curse that haunts the actors of the series | Instagram

Big mysteries They surround the actors of the Power Rangers and it was all in a virtual meeting with their fans where they remembered and recounted that they transcended dark events in the group since after their great success they had innumerable difficulties.

Several generations of the group came together in one online meeting and they decided to talk a little about what they have experienced and what has become of them after the successful series.

In the past it had been mentioned that David Yost, the Blue Power Ranger, had suffered the harassment of series producers and that it had left him traumatized and he underwent conversion therapy to change his sexual orientation.

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It is also known that Ricardo Medina Jr., who played the Red Powe Ranger in « Power Rangers Wild Force », killed a partner on the floor with a sword and then decided to turn himself in to the police.

Ricardo was sentenced to six years in prison and even today the reason why he did such an act is unknown.

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However, that was not the only h0midici0, since in 2008, Skylar DeLeon, the red Power Ranger in the first seasons of the series, tried to keep a yacht and he did it killing the owners.

He threw them overboard, tied to an anchor, and was sentenced to mu3rt3 penalty for such a tragic crime he committed.

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One of the most painful and sad facts is what happened with Thuy Trang, Who played the yellow Power Ranger, since the girl failed in a terrible car accident in 2001, on the route between San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Another member of the series who passed away was Machiko Soga, Who played one of the villains, Rita Repulsa, for a pancreatic cancer.

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Putting aside the women, but continuing with the controversies, Austin St. John participated in several movies movies p0rn0 gay after quitting his job as a red Power Ranger.

Walter Emanuel Jones, The actor who in 1994 played Zack Taylor, alter ego black power ranger, after leaving the series in the second season the rumor spread that there was lost one of the fingers from his hand after his performance in the saga.

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With these cases, the stories of the Power Rangers actors join the tragic destinies of other successful series, such as the Glee series that has been remembered for the tragic death of Naya Rivera.