The current playoffs rewards mediocre clubs: Matturano

Karla Torrijos

La Jornada newspaper
Wednesday, November 18, 2020, p. a10

Although the repechage phase that was implemented in the current Guardians 2020 tournament of the Liga Mx will fulfill its function of making the event more attractive, the ideal is that only the best eight teams can fight for the title, since it is the most congruent and fair for everyone, considered coach Rubén Matturano.

He indicated that the previous qualifying format for the league, in which the eight clubs that made the most points during the tournament advanced, really rewarded those who had done enough to be crowned champions, while the current playoff is rewarding those who had a mediocre season.

The former member of the Cruz Azul coaching staff added that although the play-off stage “will help some teams to generate greater income in this time of economic crisis, derived from the Covid-19 pandemic, hopefully it is only a temporary measure, because clubs can fall into conformism and that obviously affects the growth of Mexican soccer.

I understand that they invented this to have more games and, consequently, more economic resources through television broadcasting rights and sponsors, we also know that teams have many expenses, because they must pay their players and they are not having large income from money; Nowadays it is not easy to support the squad and keep the stadiums in good condition, but I think that with the old format the spirit of competition, which is the essence of this sport, was further fostered.

The duels that will be played next weekend in the playoff phase are: Santos-Pachuca, Chivas-Necaxa, Tigres-Toluca and Monterrey-Puebla. The first two will take place on Saturday, November 21, and the others will take place on Sunday 22.

Regarding these meetings, Matturano estimated that “it is incredible that teams like Toluca and Puebla, which did not have a good season, are one step away from being able to eliminate powerful groups, such as Tigres and Monterrey.

“Imagine that the Red Devils, who did not give one at the beginning of the tournament, threw the team of Ricardo Tuca Ferretti, who was always in the first places of the classification! It would be something inconceivable! It is unfortunate that a team that he worked so hard throughout the season now he can be eliminated in a single game by another that had a gray and irregular performance, but hey, I think the Monterrey squads will win. “

He indicated that the most even duel is the Santos-Pachuca and pointed out that Chivas is the team that will have the most difficulties to get their ticket to the league, because “with so much trouble they have, now the injury of Alexis Vega is added, they burst to the center forward !, and José Juan Macías is still convalescing, while Necaxa, who started the tournament badly, made the way with the arrival of coach José Guadalupe Cruz.