The curious and successful 2.5D platformer the Pedestrian announces release date for PS4 and PS5

The game will hit PlayStation consoles just a year after its launch on PC.

In video games, when a proposal is out of the ordinary, it usually calls a lot attention. And if, in addition, the game is really worth it, success is usually assured. And that’s what happened with the game The Pedestrian, a curious 2.5D platforms that captured the interest of many people and came out on PC in January 2020, triumphing among specialized press and players.

In fact, if we look at its page on Steam we see that it has a rating “extremely positive” by users of the platform Valve. Well, the study Skookum Arts has announced that the video game will arrive on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 next January 29, just when it will be a year since its launch in compatible.

In case there were doubts, the study has confirmed that the PS5 version is native and it is not that we can play simply for backward compatibility. In addition, he has indicated that when the title comes out later for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S it will also have own version, apart from Xbox One. Of course, to see it on Xbox yet We will have to wait, because the studio is still working on that version.

This platform title puts us in the shoes of a nice character who has to overcome different phases by the city. In addition, it also has various puzzles, which make its gameplay more varied. In the case of PS5, add with this game a new release with a specific date. Recently, PlayStation has changed the exit windows of some of the great games that will arrive for the console.

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