The CSD pushes for the public to return to the stadiums

This Wednesday there will be white smoke on whether there will be an audience in the stands. After a meeting held on Tuesday afternoon at the Ministry of Culture between the parties involved, the Government asked for a margin of 24 hours to make a final decision on the matter. At stake is that the fans can go to the stadium stands in the remaining two Santander League games, four from the playoffs of Second division and the final outcome in Endesa League.

As you may have learned OKDIARY, the Higher Sports Council He does not see a bad pilot in the last two days to return the public to the stadiums in the most anticipated way possible with a cap of 8,000 people per stadium and 25% of total capacity. This idea has been transmitted to Jose Manuel Uribes, Minister of Culture and Sports and Javier Tebas at the meeting held on Tuesday afternoon. All parties have given each other 24 to 48 hours to make a decision.

Of course, this proposal will have to receive the final approval of the Ministry of Health, which will be in charge of deciding whether the fans can finally go to the stadiums. As confirmed by this medium, both Jose Manuel Franco as in the Ministry of Culture and Sports they are inclined to open stadiums in the last days of professional sports in Spain. Even so, the last word will be the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, who will make a decision in relation to epidemiological data and the vaccination rate, something that could be definitive for the reopening.

Javier Tebas, patron of the League and Antonio Martin, president of the ACB, they have been pushing for months to open the stadiums to the public and the head of professional football was optimistic in some breakfasts with Europa Press. “Out of respect for the fans, even if there are few games, being able to go to the stadium is a lot. Even if they are 5,000. There will be teams that will have gone through professional football and that, if they are relegated, none of their fans will have been able to see them live. The value of going, even if it is, to a game, is very important. We have been for many months with a collaborative stance, but we cannot go with an inconsistency. Who is wrong: Health or the Communities? “, He affirmed on the possibility of opening the stadiums to the public.

Mess between the Government and the Autonomous Communities

The union of the Government of Pedro Sanchez regarding the management of coronavirus It has been evident in recent months and professional football has also been damaged once the light is seen at the end of the tunnel. At first, he was in charge of coordinating the entrance of the public to professional sports events (First and Second Division in addition to the Endesa League) while non-professional sport was at the mercy of the management of the different Autonomous Communities.

For this reason, thousands of people have been seen in the fields of Second Division B. The different communities have been managing the entrance of the public according to the health situation and therefore in some stands of Spanish football they have been able to see thousands of fans. Meanwhile, in professional sports, the force continues to be able to take fans to the stadiums on the decisive days of the year.

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