Judge Juan Antonio Toro Peña goes to the Supreme Court this Wednesday to trying to regain his toga after being sentenced to three years of disqualification for prevarication and revelation of secrets. The former head of the Investigating Court number 36 in Madrid was uninhabited in the judicial career after being shown to have provided information and documents to a third party not involved in a court case.

Now Toro Peña goes with the hope that his Lawyer, Adolfo Prego, can convince his former classmates – he was a Supreme Court Justice for many years – of his innocence. The judge was disqualified in June 2019 after a hearing in the Civil and Criminal Chamber of the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid (TSJM) where he ended up crying in his final argument. Yes, the judge in his final speech before Celso Rodríguez Padrón – TSJM President – Eduardo de Urbano Castrillo and Joaquín Delgado Martín He ended up begging for mercy.

«My will has always been the exercise of jurisdiction, which has been my whole life, it is 43 years. If God wants when I can and surely at the end of the year I will present my resignation, « he said Toro Peña before the Court in a message that hints that he wanted to reach an agreement to be acquitted in exchange for not returning to the judicial career.

Toro Peña, however, has shown no mercy during his long career as a judge. His hand did not shake to testify against comrades who were disqualified and removed from the judicial career for their testimony.
Nor did his hand tremble to release Miguel Ángel Flores, on guard duty and against the instructor’s opinion, responsible for the Madrid Arena tragedy. His hand did not shake to impute the daughter of a defendant to try to harm and harm her as much as possible. He did not mind offering himself to Villar, through his friend Cortes Elvira « for whatever it took » and unconditionally in the Haiti case …

Not all judges see how an Association of affected by its resolutions is formed as it is happening to the magistrate. Whether Toro Peña is rehabilitated, something legally improbable, or not, this Association will not stop until it repairs each and every injustice committed.

Sáez hasn’t said the last word

One of the great affected by what this judge convicted of prevarication has done is José Luis Sáez, former president of the Spanish Basketball Federation, who trust that the Supreme Court is fair. Toro Peña accused him of committing seven crimes in the investigation of the FEB case until the accused managed to demonstrate that the judge prevaricated and released secrets of the investigation.

After managing to remove Toro Peña from the case, the judge María José Ortega reduced the crimes to Sáez from seven to one and turned the case around, removing all the straw that his predecessor had put in. From belonging to a criminal group, money laundering or tax offense, a single accusation has been passed, misappropriation requested by the Prosecutor’s Office that the former leader will rebut in due course. Sáez has decided to go all the way and the story promises. We will see if tomorrow, Toro Peña He surprises us again with a sob when the evidence piling up against him falls under his own weight.
Those affected ask for justice, he wants omertà.