The cry in the sky for the health of Mercadona workers

Juan Roig, president of Mercadona, on his arrival at a press conference last April in Paterna; the CIG protesting at the doors of a Mercadona store in La Coruña. (Source: Rober Solsona / Europa Press via .; Twitter / @ galizaCIG)

For a few weeks now, Mercadona’s image as an idea company to develop yourself professionally has been more exposed than ever. After many cases during the last decade that have remained in episodes that have not achieved much media weight, it has been the Labor Inspection that has highlighted the scandal of the minutes, exposing the false idyll that its employees live.

Everything has been uncovered thanks to a complaint from the CIG (Galician Intersindical Confederation), which warned of the defenselessness suffered by Mercadona workers in the face of internal pressure and “the politics of fear”, taking the whip in the form of “acts of reprimand and commitment”.

With a banner that prays “no to repression and fear in Mercadona”Members of the CIG have launched into protests in different parts of La Coruña on different days.

According to the union itself, in the words of its delegate André AbeledoThis type of mobilization that will continue to be carried out is a “response to the attitude of disrespect for the workers’ own humanity. It cannot be that Mercadona staff come to work with fear and that they lack respect. “He also adds that what they are asking,” although it may seem a lie in the 21st century, “is only” dignity. “.

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Beyond the scandal of the minutes, from the union they denounce that they have detected different types of abuses of power, that the personnel work “with fear and under constant pressure.” All this seriously affects the health of workers, who do not even dare to speak out for fear of being fired.

The CIG encourages employees not to shut up and to mobilize, highlighting that Thanks to this, they have managed, among other things, to get the company to recognize the work overload that exists and agree to reinforce the workforce in order to cover vacations and sick leave.

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The fight in La Coruña is not isolated. From different parts of Spain, workers and former workers have contacted Yahoo to warn that all this is a common practice, so we have started an investigation in which we will progressively make you participate over the next few months.

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