The crude story of Bruno Soares about his withdrawal from the Olympics.

The maelstrom of the tennis circuit leaves no room to think about the Olympic Games. Unlike other disciplines in which athletes prepare for a long period with the Olympic goal in mind, tennis players are forced to battle every week in all possible tournaments and then see possible participation in these kinds of events. . And although the Tokyo 2021 edition lost value due to the loss of several figures due to the restrictions of the coronavirus pandemic, some injuries and also the lack of points for the ranking, there are other players who continued to consider the contest as a unique opportunity to make history.

In that sense, Bruno Soares he saw how his illusion faded from one moment to the next. From being mentalized to fight for a medal with his partner Marcelo Melo to find out that he had to go through the operating room urgently to have an appendicitis operation. Indeed, the Brazilian doubles player told -in the first person in the middle Veja Tóquio– the roller coaster of emotions that you got on and couldn’t get off in any way.

One of my biggest dreams as an athlete was to win an Olympic medal. I was very close this year, but bad luck left me out of the competition, “he began with his story. He also added:” It all started on the way to Tokyo. I was at the airport when I started to feel discomfort in my abdomen, but I ignored the symptoms because I did not think it was important at all. But as soon as I got on the plane, the great trauma came: an extraordinary pain began to take over my body. “Beyond that, he believed that it was a simple discomfort since he had already gone through Covid-19 and, in turn, was was vaccinated.

However, the situation began to get worse as the minutes passed. “The sensation was so strong that it felt as if I was being stabbed. After five hours of flying, I couldn’t take it anymore and began to vomit. Upon arriving in Tokyo, I received medical attention and was informed of the diagnosis: it was appendicitis. I would walk away from the Games. I discussed the possibilities with my team and decided to wait and see how my body would wake up the next day, but I soon realized that there was no way to continue, “he expanded.

Finally, Soares, winner of 34 titles in doubles, concluded: “I underwent surgery for only 30 minutes and spent another eight days on Japanese soil to fully recover. As soon as I was discharged from the hospital and arrived at Vila Olímpica, I had realized that the Olympic dream it was really over. “

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