the crossover of ‘Die Hard’ and ’24’ that never saw the light

Die hard, also known as Die Hard or Die Hard, was about to be combined with 24 in what would have been the mother of all crossovers. According to Ain’t Cool News, Die Hard 24/7 would cross the worlds of John McClane and Jack Bauer in an explosive action movie.

Details are scant and the anonymous source does not specify how much pre-production work was done to carry out this project. The only thing that is known is that Kiefer Sutherland was not interested to participate and they never specified a pilot.

Before getting involved in an established franchise where Bruce Willis would be the center of attention, Sutherland had his sights set on a 24-year-old movie. The bad news is that none of these projects ended up materializing and Die Hard 24/7 gave way to the fiasco we know as A Good Day to Die.

The news of A crossover between Duro to Kill and 24 seems like a dream to many action freaks. Although not on the level of The Expendables, the reality is that seeing John McClane and his yippee ki yay team up with Jack Bauer would have generated great anticipation.

‘Die Hard 24/7’: The Crystal Jungle of Jack Bauer and John McClane

Unfortunately for Bruce Willis and Kiefer Sutherland, the separate projects for Die Hard and 24 did not come to fruition. As for the Willis saga, A Good Day to Die is considered one of the worst movies of the series and its 14% on RottenTomatoes is more than justified.

In the case of 24, a movie was in the plans between season 6 and 7 where the creators of the series would take over the story. After years of delay and a finished script, Fox sent the 24 movie to the freezer citing budget problems. Although Kiefer Sutherland hasn’t completely ruled it out, the actor doesn’t know if it will ever come true.

With the purchase of Fox by Disney in 2019, the future of 24 and Die Hard is uncertain. A sixth chapter of Die Hard was in the pipeline before the acquisition, as was a 12-episode miniseries starring John McClane.

Bruce Willis has expressed interest in a sixth film to give closure to the story of the famous policeman, although now the ball is on the Disney court.