The last duel between PSG and the Olympique de Marseille by Ligue 1 ended in scandal with 5 sent off and strong accusations of racism by Neymar against the player Álvaro González.

In the middle, the fight continued on social networks and the controversy is far from over. The French club decided to share a clip of the 1-0 victory on their website. There, in addition to the compact of the match, the scandalous ending is seen and Neymar can be seen gently hitting another rival, something that had not been perceived in the official broadcast.

The Brazilian is in the eye of the storm and could receive up to 7 suspension dates for the blow to the rival that earned him expulsion in that match. As if that were not enough, today another Olympique footballer spoke and not only did he bench strongly against his partner but also made an accusation against Ney.

It’s about the steering wheel Valentin rongier, who assured about Álvaro González’s alleged racist insult that « I didn’t hear anything. What bothers me a bit is that Neymar has just said that this happened in the field, but he does not say that throughout the game he insults the rivals in every challenge. « 

In addition, during a press conference, he noted that « We didn’t set a very good example during the game, I think of all the spectators. But in any case, for my part, I didn’t hear from Álvaro. » About his partner accused of being a racist, he also said that « it is impossible, I know Álvaro very well and he is someone who is always respectful and smiling from day to day. It is true that he is a real joker, that’s for sure. He may have achieved to drive Neymar crazy, but it’s also a quality. We need players like that, but knowing him, it’s impossible. « 

Who also spoke out was the representative of Álvaro González. « Alvaro has an irreproachable conduct during all the years as a professional. He has never been involved in something similar. In none of the cases did he say racist expressions against Neymar »said José Rodri.

The agent said that « Alvaro flatly denies any type of racist qualification directed at any colleague by profession. There are even homophobic and pejorative expressions towards Álvaro. » And he added to close that his client is « sad. He has never had problems with anyone. It is not pleasant that they send you a million or so tweets with accusations and death threats, they have taken photos of him, of his car, etc. That is pass a limit and you have to cut it. For me that is more punishable. «