Jorge Domínguez, journalist


The departure of Mario Machuca Sánchez to the once great game of the Institutional Revolutionary (PRI), is the anticipation of the total collapse of this political institute in Quintana Roo. In days to come, the structure of the Revolutionary Confederation of Workers and Peasants (CROC) will leave the tricolor and go in search of a new Alternative.

And it is not exactly a new opportunity, Alternativa, it is the preponderant name that at the national level, the sketch artists will give to the new political party that they will make known and, in which for the second time, outside the PRI they will seek to access better political positions along with its national leader Isaías González Cuevas.

From his regiment in Solidaridad, low his hand, some would say, Martín de la Cruz Gómez, a croquis state leader, has built the Alternative structure in Quintana Roo. With the experience of some -and his own as a former deputy and councilman-, the worker leader has demonstrated his knowledge and knowledge in politics that will serve him well in his new adventure.

The departure of the tricolor sketchers will open a huge gap for the PRI structure, mainly in municipalities such as Benito Juárez, Solidaridad, Cozumel, Isla Mujeres and Tulum where the unionists of this workers’ center contributed significant numbers of votes in the urns.

Until now, Candy Ayuso Achach, the state leader of the PRI, trusts that it will only be Mario Machuca Sánchez who leaves the tricolor, however in the coming days, the avalanche generated by the departure of all the croquis will envelop her and return her to political reality of the party that today has to lead.

In another point…The new coronavirus does not give truce in Quintana Roo. Despite the optimism of the government and tourist authorities, as well as hoteliers and restaurateurs announcing the resumption of activities, in the last 48 hours there were 74 positive cases of Covid 19 confirmed by the health authorities in the entity.

Again, Cancun is the nerve center of the disease. And it is that in this tourist destination, the population already relaxed in excess the sanitary measures, the people are again in the streets and, the avenues are once again full of cars, despite the traffic restrictions.

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Scheduled for next June 8, the reopening of hotels and restaurants, among other tourist services, could suffer a serious setback if the upward trend in coronavirus cases continues in the two main destinations of the State -Cancún and Playa del Carmen- , which today have the highest Covid 19 figures.