Did viewers misinterpret the presenter’s words? The criticisms of Juan Diego Alvira for a gift that he promised to the viewer, but that another gave him.

Juan Diego Alvira has been, for years, one of the most important faces of Noticias Caracol.

His reports are always commented on by viewers, although now he gave something to talk about for another reason.

In the broadcast of this Friday morning, Juan Diego interviewed a woman, Marcela Garzón, who said that she had five children and that they have not been able to fulfill their school duties because their cell phone was damaged.

It was then that Juan Diego promised him that he would have a cell phone on the mothers’ weekend.

“We are going to do it, no more was missing, we are going to give him away. A cow, whatever, but who has a new cell phone and who is going to release a cell phone this weekend, we guarantee it, ”said the presenter.

And minutes later, he contacted the viewer again, claiming that a viewer of the newscast had seen his need and wanted to give him a cell phone.

In addition, Mónica Jaramillo told her that someone else had also decided to give her a computer.

“Many thanks. I never thought that this would happen, this great surprise, without a doubt, is the mother’s best gift: being with my children and this newscast, “said the woman.

The criticisms of Juan Diego Alvira for a gift he promised to the viewer, but that another gave him

The comments were immediate, many of them praising the great work of the newscast.

However, there was no shortage of bad comments from some, who assured that Juan Diego had promised to give the cell phone, but finally someone else gave him this detail.

It is worth mentioning that Juan Diego made it clear that they were going to get the cell phone anyway, whether it came out of his pocket or otherwise.

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