On Tuesday of last week, A.C. (43), a teacher at the school of a well-known evangelical church in the city of Rosario, was detained by members of the Criminal Investigation Agency (AIC) after it was discovered that he had a significant amount of child pornographic material in his possession. In addition, the justice system suspects that he sexually abused minors and in the last hours a testimony that complicates it even more was released.

The investigation began on May 20 after a woman, whom the teacher had contacted for a labor issue, filed a complaint at a police station. He did so after the man sent him a series of messages in which he confessed something atrocious: he admitted that he had abused several underage boys, taking advantage of the trust they placed in him as his teacher.

The complainant spoke with Canal Tres and revealed the brutality of the messages of A.C. and how was the history of the communications they maintained until it was dropped. The defendant’s confessions shake and it is reflected that the man admitted the abuse as if it were something normal. He even laughs at his victims.

“He contacts me about my work, at my number, for a meeting. We were able to speak as well. Then he decides to call me back and we meet for a second meeting. There he tells me that he had been raped at eight, that he raped his brother. Who had a notebook where showed me videos. He left the place and I decided not to see him again and I did not want to have contact again, « the woman began to relate.

« He called me a bunch of times and texted me. In May of this year he told me that he wanted to see the video of a little girl with me. Let him open the door for you. I play along, I ask for the video (on Whatsapp). He sent me photos and videos of creatures being abused. I have child pornography on the phone, ”added the complainant whose identity was reserved.

The Rosario 3 newspaper, for its part, announced the chats that are also part of the exchange between the woman and the evangelical teacher. They show impunity for the 43-year-old man to talk about his victims.

In conversation, the abuser tells him that he has pictures of sexual abuse of children from three years onwards. « I do with them what I want », he says in another message. « Parents trust me. That is a problem for them haha ​​”, indicates one of the chats that he sent to the complainant.

The woman commented that in addition told him that he had abused family members and asked about his son. « Tells me: What are you waiting to be with him? He believes that we are equal, that I am a pedophile like him ”.

In addition, he revealed that He abused a 12-year-old girl from the church and also assured that « he was with other parents from the church ». “When I made the complaint, it took them a month to stop him. All that month I followed the conversation. He told me horrible things about my son. To top I lived two blocks from my house. Everything was terrifying ”, he concluded. « I trust that he and his companions who are in it will fall« Ended.

According to judicial sources told InfobaeLast Saturday, by videoconference, a hearing was held in which it was imputed to A.C. of the crimes of disclosure of child pornographic material with possession of child pornographic material aggravated by being victims under the age of 13 in a consummate degree as author.

The Prosecutor Noelia Riccardi of the Crimes Against Sexual Integrity Unit charged the teacher for having had images and videos with content of child pornography involving underage victims since 2019 to date, and is also attributed have disclosed some of those images and videos. Investigators found numerous items in addition to pornography in the defendant’s home, including children’s toys, disposable diapers and women’s underwear.

The First Instance Judge Paula Álvarez issued the effective preventive detention for a period of 90 days.