After such a long time since the end of Lost was released, the producers of the show reflect on how the final and almost inevitable turn of purgatory emerged.

The creators of the hit ABC series, LostThey hoped that the final twist of the show was some kind of purgatory. When the series first premiered in 2004, it completely reshaped the television landscape with its ambitious narration and expansive cast. At first, it had a very basic premise: a plane crashes into a desert island, and survivors must learn to adapt to their new situation. However, the island soon proved to have countless mysteries, and the story began to become much more complex. During much of its broadcast, Perdidos (Lost) was considered one of the best television shows, a distinction that, in some cases, still holds today.

However, it must be admitted that the end of the series was very divisive among fans. Perdidos (Lost) came to a conclusion 10 years ago in 2010 with its sixth season, and while many fans expected the show to adequately answer all the questions they had about the island, it took things in another direction. In addition to being more character-oriented, the finale ended with all of its protagonists in some sort of middle ground or purgatory. Which only caused confusion and disappointment. Since during the broadcast years, the creators of the series repeated several times that this would not be the end.

Executive producers Jean Higgans and Jeff Pinkner reflected on how that end of purgatory came about.

It was not always established, although the writers of Lost (Lost) tried to create some kind of framework from the beginning. The actual ending took shape in their minds and, according to Higgans, “it was pretty obvious to all of us that it was a form of purgatory.”

They ended up sticking to this because Damen Lindelof and Carlton Cuse “didn’t feel like they had anywhere else to go.” Thus, the end of purgatory stalled, and to this day, fans are still arguing over whether it was a brilliant or terrible conclusion. Both sides have a good following.

The divisive endings of the series are nothing new, we have a recent example with Game of Thrones, although Perdidos (Lost) certainly stands out as one of the greatest. Luckily, though, the polarizing reception of the final episode hasn’t diminished the show’s overall legacy, which is quite a feat. Chances are good that people will continue to argue about the ending in ten years. At least now, however, we have more explanations on how it all came about.