The creator of ‘El vecino’ takes us to popular festivals with ‘La reina del pueblo’

The pandemic has taken away our town festivals for over a year (and what’s left), but a new series is coming to fix this. This Sunday comes to ATRESplayer the first full season of ‘La reina del pueblo’, the new comedy by Raúl Navarro, the co-creator of ‘El fin de la comedia’ and ‘El vecino’.

From an idea by Víctor Santos, Navarro has created, written and directed the six episodes of this comedy about a group of teenage friends and their experiences of popular festivals, in which one of them has been postulated as the queen of the parties. I may get it, I may not.

“The original idea was more like cañí melodrama, castizo, more Almodóvar … and when I entered I took it to my land, comedy,” the scriptwriter explains to us in our podcast Sesión golfa. “I took it to the summers in Santa Pola, friends, that moment before maturing in which your obsession is how to be special, find a way to stand out and be unique, all those insecurities … “.

Each episode of ‘The Queen of the People’ is a day of the popular festivals: “They all start the same, with the town crier [interpretado por Raúl Cimas] advancing the program of the day, and every day there is an act: the proclamation, the chocolate, a kind of tomatina … “, says the screenwriter, who has written and directed the entire series alone.” If something goes wrong, it will be my fault, “he laughs nervously.

You have the complete conversation in Sesión golfa, now available on Spotify, iVoox and Apple Podcasts.

Looking for a current voice

Although the series has veteran actors such as Melani Olivares, Canco Rodríguez, Roberto Álamo and Cimas, the protagonists are between 16 and 18 years old and are practically unknown: Lucía Caraballo, Ana Jara, Omar Banana, Cristina Colom, Helena Ezquerro and Máximo Pastor. The weight of ‘La reina del pueblo’ falls on them, and Raúl Navarro could not be more satisfied with his work.

But before finding the perfect actors to bring those characters to life, the scriptwriter’s challenge was to write a series starring current youth, most of them women and one of them a young homosexual. It was inspired by titles such as ‘Super nerds’ and ‘Betty’, an HBO series about a group of crumbs who skate in New York, but there is a key person in his writing process: “I have relied a lot on my niece, who has 19 years old and with whom he talked a lot, taught him the scripts … “.

At first, Navarro considered using the slang of today’s teenagers, but it seemed to him that the script was forced and that all those expressions would soon grow old. “So I decided to write without those nuances, but I did allow the actors to add them.” That’s where the work of Caraballo, Jara, Banana, Colom and the others comes in.

The result can be seen this Sunday on ATRESplayer PREMIUM, where ‘The People’s Queen’ will premiere in full. Soon it will be open to view on Flooxer, the Atresmedia platform where ‘Paquita Salas’ was born.

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