The universe of ‘Breaking Bad’ it has been built on big characters and small details. That combination will be essential once again in the outcome of ‘Better Call Saul’, the prequel-sequel that will culminate with a sixth season of thirteen episodes. Throughout that block of chapters, the scriptwriters will have to solve a multitude of questions, which have been approached by one of the creators of the fiction, Peter Gould, in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Jimmy with a bottle of Aged Sapphire

« Whoever watches the series and wonders where it is going, One of the questions you have to ask yourself is ‘What does this man deserve?’, « raises the showrunner, inviting reflection on the actions of Jimmy McGill, who in the fifth season has definitely embraced the alter ego of Saul Goodman: » Obviously the ultimate end of all people is death, but maybe that’s not the point where we leave this character. Is there a way for him to redeem himself after all that he has done? « 

And that’s not the only big question, as there is another character who has sparked all kinds of theories among fans: Kim Wexler. « Where is he while Saul Goodman is dealing with Walt and Jesse?, « says Gould. What the writer does not do is answer those questions, since those resolutions will arrive when the series returns to AMC, but before saying goodbye he does offer a clue to consider: »Don’t lose sight of the bottle cap. « 

With that succinct warning, he refers to the plug that was in Kim’s office drawer, which he collected before leaving the firm. Behind that cap there is a whole plot, since it is a symbol of their union with Jimmy, and of those good moments they spent pretending they were Viktor and Giselle to scam the nerd on duty. Also, the brand to which that quirky accessory belongs is none other than Zafiro Añejo, which also had a presence in ‘Breaking Bad’ when Fring got revenge on Eladio.

Stellar return?

Perhaps the biggest doubt regarding the ending is not any of those previously raised, but whether we will see Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston reprising their roles once again in the spin-off. Both have repeatedly stated that they would be delighted to get on the boat If the creators of the series found a way to put it together, and this is what Cranston has said again, speaking with Collider: « I would do it without hesitation. But it hasn’t happened yet, is what I can tell you, so we’ll see. «