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The Simpsons have been entertaining their fans for nearly 31 years, however, although with them most of the time they are all laughter, their awkward and strange content is also a reality, so over the years and thanks to their Stranger chapters, his followers have also been able to create strange theories about his most important characters.

Today we will talk about one of the craziest theories that circulate on the internet and that, however, has a fairly solid base unlike some others. This one talks about Marge Simpson, and the possibility that her character is not actually human. Here we explain.

Long before Matt Groening’s fortune became immense thanks to the successful Yellow Family, the illustrator ran a personal project called Life in Hell, a series of vignettes of the short and funny stories of rabbits who faced different situations of love and heartbreak and simply to survive the day to day.

Of course, later on, Groening had to put this project aside to focus on The Simpsons. However, his rabbits were always present as Easter eggs in his other works, such as comics, episodes of Homer’s family and, above all, video games.

Precisely, the theory about Marge Simpson has its origin in the Arcade video game that was distributed in machines around the world, where we can see a scene in which Marge gets her giant blue hair stuck in a vacuum cleaner.

The terrible thing is that this makes his hair stick out like a vile wig, exposing his head, which instead of ending up like that of any human, ends with two long ears like a rabbit’s, which made the head grow. theory that Marge is actually a hybrid between a human and one of these animals.

Matt actually wanted Marge to be a rabbit

Daria Paris, who was an assistant to the late Sam Simon, who developed The Simpsons with Groening, once said, as reported by, that Matt really wanted Marge to be a rabbit.

“There were times when Matt had the stupidest ideas. She once insisted that what was under Marge Simpson’s hair be revealed at the end of the entire series. And of course, I wanted them to be rabbit ears, revealing that it was not 100 percent human and that therefore, neither Bart, nor Lisa nor Maggie were, ”the aforementioned medium picked up.

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