The crazy theory about the watches of ‘WandaVision’ and the X-Men

It’s time to accept that it’s getting out of hand about seeing hidden references in WandaVision (Jac Schaeffer, 2021). And this is wonderful. Many speculations about the Disney Plus marvelita series will not hit the mark; among other things, because they cannot be revealed as compatible with each other. But they will remain as an example of the spectators’ imagination and the human tendency to search for existing or unreal patterns. It would be great if conspiranoids were to propose interpretations in television fiction and leave the real world alone. Thus, perhaps they would come up with a theory as curious as that of the watches in this series and nothing less than the X-Men.

The hands of the clocks

Captain Motorcycle: “Call me crazy, but I think there is a hidden message in the watches of the second episode of WandaVision”

A Reddit user – that community that is in everything, from the stock market to the Super Bowl – named Captain Motorcycle has written the following post: “Call me crazy, but I think there is a hidden message in the clocks of the second episode of WandaVision”. “You are crazy,” a colleague replied. “I know,” replied the colleague, “but I have medicines.” And, whether he is medicated or not, the point is that he has reviewed the watches of the chapter “Don’t Touch That Dial” (1×02), and the crazy light bulb turned on after reading the positions of the hands of these instruments with semaphore alphabet communication system.

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Captain Motorcycle believes he has found in the hands of the clocks a certain sequence in the semaphore alphabet: “X-Men”.

This system is included in the signal code of the International Maritime Organization. It is based on the placement of the arms and the use of flags in daylight. If we translate how clock hands look in the WandaVision episode to this, numbers or letters from the western alphabet can be extracted. And what Captain Motorcycle thinks he found in a certain sequence is “X-Men.” If Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) is Magneto’s daughter in some alternate universe, perhaps such a supposed message portends the arrival of mutants to the MCU sooner than we think. That, or this theory is nothing but insanity.

wandavision disney plus x-men

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