The life of Robbie Williams it is a perfect representation of the ideas that, within the collective imagination, are associated with the existence of an old school rock star. Blazing success, drug problems, extravagances (like his dreamy obsession with aliens) and scandals have paved the turbulent and intense life journey of the British singer.

Now 47, the artist has long since defeated many of his demons and boasts a much calmer and healthier lifestyle, but that does not prevent him from time to time not wanting bring to light, rummaging through the trunk of memories, new anecdotes and revelations from his wildest years. And yesterday, Williams spoke in particular of the time, around the mid-90s, in which he just abruptly left the group Take That and, to avoid media persecution, ended up taking refuge in the home of a Liverpool F.C.footballer, Jamie Redknapp, who wore the colors of the Anfield team for a whole decade (becoming captain for three seasons, from 1999 to 2002).

Jamie Redknapp during his time at Liverpool.
Bob Thomas (Sports Photography via .)

Redknapp himself was in charge of inviting Williams to share the story. Both chatted in the framework of the talk show for Sky TV managed by the former English player, Redknapp´s Home Fixture. Throughout the video call connection, the singer and the athlete, who they are friends from their youthThey spoke on a variety of topics, including the season in which they lived together and a vacation trip to Marbella of which, unfortunately, none of them remembers much today.

“A lot of people don’t know,” Redknapp began, addressing Williams, “but When you left Take That and everyone in this country was looking for you, you came and stayed at my residence. No newspaper knew it, nobody knew it, but you settled in my accommodation with me, Do you remember that crazy time?“The singer recognized then that he did not keep very clear memories of then: “Just flashes, a bottle of peach brandy, a club, one night …”.

Of course, what Williams has not forgotten is the comfort of the accommodation in which the Liverpool players resided. “I remember your accommodation very well because I think it was the only place I had been until that moment that had a swimming pool at home”he stated.

Redknapp and Williams, along with other Liverpool players, during their holidays in Marbella.
Sky TV

Despite the haze surrounding that stage, what seems clear is that The coexistence between the singer and the former soccer player must have been good, since the latter even went so far as to invite the artist to accompany him to Marbella, for an end-of-season getaway with several of his wardrobe mates., including John Barnes, Robbie Fowler, Neil Ruddock and Phil Babb. “We had a free seat on the flight and we asked ourselves: ‘Who should we invite?’ ‘To the greatest pop star on the planet, Robbie Williams’ “

Redknapp asked the singer if he remembered anything from those Spanish holidays. “I don’t remember much of the 90s in general”, Williams excused himself, “Because I burned them. Let’s leave it there”. The artwork left over from the trip to Marbella, however, seems to suggest that Williams got on perfectly with the Liverpool footballers. In several photographs shared during the program, the group can be seen dining at several luxury restaurants and with the impression of enjoying the pleasures of the Malaga night to the fullest.