the crash of Verstappen and Hamilton at the British GP

Although in the sprint qualifying race on Saturday Verstappen and Hamilton respected each other, although the Dutchman surpassed the Briton at the start, on Sunday, in the real race, the opposite happened.

The reigning world champion was paired with the Dutchman already in the first meters, but Verstappen did not give up and maintained his position, stepping on the outside of the second corner piano.

Video of the start of the F1 British GP

At the end of the straight from the fifth to the sixth turn, both arrived even, separated by only centimeters, and the Dutchman lengthened the braking to maintain the first position.

But the disaster happened a few meters later, they both reached deep Copse –A corner that is now done without shaking the throttle, but which was always a great challenge for the drivers– with Verstappen on the outside.

Hamilton’s front wing touched Verstappen’s rear and Verstappen sped against the tire protections, slamming sideways against them.

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