The Dallas Cowboys They were ranked as the best-rated franchise in professional sports in the world, after they are quoted at $ 5.5 billion, according to Forbes magazine’s annual listing.

The Cowboys are 500 million dollars more valuable than MLB New York Yankees, qThey are worth 5 billion. The third site is for NBA New York Knicks, which are quoted at 4.6 billion.

“The Cowboys gave Jerry Jones (the owner of the team) operating profit of $ 420 million in 2018. While that is a record for a sports franchise, the league average is $ 102 million. They are good numbers,” he says. the publication of Forbes.

Soccer teams were not among the five richest in the world. The best valued is the Real Madrid, which is in sixth place, with 4,240 million, while Barcelona is listed at 4,020 million.

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According to the listing, the NBA and NFL They are stealing land like the Leagues that have the richest franchises in the world. In the Top 10 are three representatives of these contests.

Almost contrary to Big leagues, that they barely have two organizations among the 15 richest in the world: the case of Yankees and Los Angeles Dodgers, who are tied for fourteenth place.

The list of the first ten teams is as follows:

Name / League / Value (MDD)
1.Cowboys of Dallas / NFL / 5,500
2.Yankees of New York / MLB / 5,000
3.New York / NBA / 4,600 Knicks
4.Lakers of Los Angeles / NBA / 4,400
5.Golden State / NBA / 4,300 Warriors
6. Real Madrid / LaLiga / 4,240
7.New England Patriots / NFL / 4,100
8. Barcelona / LaLiga / 4,020
9. New York Giants / NFL / 3,900
10. Manchester United / Premier League / 3,810