On Facebook and WhatsApp, it is circulating that Chinese doctors warned in Italy of the danger of becoming infected with coronavirus by going out on the balcony, all at the same time, to sing or clap. What’s more, the doctors reportedly told their Italian counterparts that this “is the fastest way to catch it.” However, there is no record that any Chinese doctor has said such a thing, nor is there scientific evidence that this is the case.

Not going out to the balcony or windows of the house is not included among the recommendations and prevention measures of the World Health Organization (WHO) or the Ministry of Health.

The only thing certain and collected by both institutions in their prescriptions is the need to maintain a distance of between one meter or one and a half meters between people. The disease, according to the WHO, spreads from person to person through the smallest and imperceptible drops that escape through the nose or mouth, when exhaling, sneezing or coughing. Contaminated fluids also fall on objects and surfaces, so it is possible that if a person touches them and then their hands come in contact with the nose or mouth, they will end up contagiously contracting COVID-19.

With regard to neighboring communities, the Professional Association of Property Administrators of Madrid has issued a document with instructions for custodians, doormen, security guards, maintenance and cleaning staff, in order to avoid “unnecessary situations of contagion”. These include maintaining the safety distance, closing all common areas and spaces and suspending the holding of general owners’ meetings. Nothing is said about the use of balconies and windows, which are kept within the limits of the private property.

People sick with coronavirus confined to their homes must be kept isolated and always with a mask and all citizens, including healthy people, must scrupulously respect distances and exercise extreme hygiene.