The Court of Auditors doubts about the legality of the endorsements of former senior officials of the Generalitat

The amounts claimed by the Court of Auditors:

Artur Mas, former president of the Generalitat of Catalonia: 2,797,993

Carles puigdemont, expresident of the Generalitat: 1,981,454.47

Oriol Junqueras, former vice-president of the Generalitat: 1,969,154.51

Francesc Homs, former Minister of the Presidency: 2,952,689.85

Andreu Mas-Collel, former Minister of Economy: 2,791,645.42

Raul romeva, former Foreign Minister: 2,108,818.32

Rorger Albinyana, former secretary general: 38,666.56

Amadeu Altafaj, former representative to the EU: 66,609.94

Luis Beltran, former secretary general: 5,122.96

Albert Carreras, former secretary general: 4,291.92

David mascort, former secretary general: 1,058.79

Joaquim Nin, former secretary general: 163,889.75

Jordi Vilajoana, former secretary general: 147,168.45

Aleix villatoro, former secretary general: 146,948.57

Mireia Vidal Ortí, former Comptroller General: 3,164,694.10

Rosa Vidal Planella, former auditor: 1.8 million

Albert Royo, former secretary general of DIPLOCAT: 3.6 million

Pere Puig, Government delegate in Brussels: 1,117.69

Adam Casals, delegate of the Government in Austria: 136,829.79

Erik hauk, delegate of the Government in the Balkans: 4,794.72

Ramon Font, delegate of the Government in Portugal: 12,300

Francesca Guardiola, delegate of the Government in Denmark: 3,039.42

Lucca bellizzi, delegate of the Government in Italy: 95,747.54

Andrew Scott, Government delegate in the United States: 241,382.47

Ewa Adela Cylwik, delegate of the Government in Poland: 244,456.38

Manuel Manonelles, delegate of the Government in Switzerland: 141,177.33

Marti Anglada, delegate of the Government in France and Switzerland: 34,691.61

Marysé Olivé, delegate in France (now deceased): 22,725.27

Sergi Marcen, delegate to the United Kingdom and Ireland: 177,952.73

Josep Suarez, delegate of the Government in the United Kingdom: 115.103, 60

Marie Katinka, delegate of the Government in Germany: 49,130.73

Mar Ortega, delegate of the Government in Germany: 15,833.64

Maria Badía, former Foreign Secretary: 3,863.59

Jordi Solé, MEP: 6,363.59

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