Without some teams having finished the season, other clubs are already returning from the holidays and they begin to do the first tests to detect if there is a case of coronavirus before resuming pre-season training. And hThey have appeared in several First and Second teams.

One of the first clubs to make positive cases public was Valencia. There are two footballers on the squad They are isolated in their homes waiting to continue doing more PCR tests until they are negative and to be able to join the training sessions that the Turia men will begin under the orders of Javi Gracia. Too Betis has issued a statement announcing a positiveAlthough he has not given the name of the footballer, some information indicates that it is Loren Morón. Alavés, meanwhile, has reported three positive cases.

Another of the Santander League teams that has announced Two other positives after the first tests carried out is the recently promoted Sociedad Deportiva Huesca. The people of Huesca have not revealed if they are footballers or members of the coaching staff, but they report that they have activated all the protocols to notify the relevant bodies and that the two infected are confined to their home.

During the confinement, Valencia was one of the most affected clubs, as was the Espanyol, that the next course will be in the Smartbank League. The parakeets have not been spared again and They have reported that a person related to the first team has also tested positive. Another case have in the Unión Deportiva Las Palmas and in this case it has been made public by the club that it is a footballer.

Mallorca and Tenerife have also announced a positive at the club, but in the case of the Tenerife people, they have announced that the infected is the soccer player Elliot. All these cases join those known a few days ago from Atlético de Madrid, but we also find other recent cases in Almería, Zaragoza, Real Madrid or Seville … or the Fuenlabrada soap opera

These cases set off alarms in the League, since that bubble in which Javier Tebas lived, talking about how no one could be infected, begins to falter. Now it does not worry in the sporting and business of the League, since the footballers return from a few weeks of vacation, but problems will arise if approaching the start of the competition there is an outbreak or they appear positive in the clubs.