Washington, United States.

The coronavirus arrived this Friday at the circle close to the president of USA, Donald trump, when confirming the contagion of the spokeswoman for the American vice president, Mike Pence, While the White House I was trying to minimize the second positive by COVID-19 in less than 24 hours.

Katie Miller, a Pence spokeswoman and wife of Trump’s adviser on immigration policy, Stephen Miller, tested positive that the White House He ordered the personnel working in the West Wing to be done daily since Thursday, when it was confirmed that an assistant to the president had also contracted the disease.

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“She is a wonderful young woman, Katie, the spokesperson … She suddenly tested positive,” she explained. Trump during a meeting with republican congressmen in the White House.


Trump assured that Miller “has not contacted” him and the White House he was quick to indicate that Pence had the test done this Friday and was negative.

Katie Miller, spokeswoman for Vice President Mike Pence.

However, the revelation that the infected is Miller, something that the White House had kept secret when initially confirming the new case and that Trump spontaneously disclosed, places the risk of contagion in the closest environment to the president.

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The spokesperson often attends the meetings of which the vice president is a part, which are the same ones that he chairs Trump, and her husband, Stephen Miller, writes most of the president’s speeches and spends a lot of time with him, in addition to his daughter and adviser Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner.

The news caused the plane to take Pence to Des Moines, Iowa, to be delayed for nearly an hour as the vice president’s office tracked down six people Miller had recently been in contact with, including some in the aircraft and had to disembark.

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Only about ten Pence advisers undergo daily tests for the coronavirus, while the rest of his staff receive that test more sporadically, according to the White House, which specified that the six people who were in contact with Miller tested negative on Friday in their respective tests.

The second contagion at the White House in 24 hours, added to that registered this Thursday by an anonymous Trump personal assistant and another confirmed in March also in Pence’s office, has attracted even more scrutiny of security measures in the circle. of the president.


Although he undergoes the test daily, Trump has never worn a mask in public and in many acts he has ignored the safety distances that the experts recommend to maintain with respect to other people, something that the White House justifies when affirming that the personnel of the Residence is tested regularly.

After visiting a mask factory in Phoenix (Arizona) without covering his face on Tuesday, Trump did not do it when he participated in an act this Friday with several nonagenarian veterans of World War II in central Washington.

Asked about it, White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany said during a press conference that the decision to wear the mask or not rests solely with Trump, and that the veterans he met “are protected” and “took the decision to come (to Washington) because they have decided to put their country first. “

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“We have put in place the experts’ guidelines for keeping this building safe, including contact tracing,” McEnany said of the White House.

The spokeswoman said she is not concerned that confirmed cases at the White House may frighten Americans that they must return to work in states that are withdrawing confinement measures.

“So as the United States reopens (its economy) safely, the White House will continue to operate safely,” the spokeswoman said.


Although the cases in NY are going down, the epicenter of the pandemic in the country with the most infections in the world registered a bad news this Friday: a five-year-old boy died in that state “from complications related to the COVID-19“New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced.

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The governor described these cases as “rare”, but stressed that evidence is being detected that the COVID-19 It is causing “serious illness” in children, with symptoms similar to Kawasaki disease and a syndrome similar to “toxic shock.”

Meanwhile, the most populous state in the country, California, began its first phase of reopening this Friday by allowing the resumption of “low risk” activities, which gave the green light to clothing, flower, furniture or book stores to organize pick up products at the door or make home deliveries.

Across the United States, there are already more than 1,270,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus, which has left at least 76,400 deaths, according to the independent John Hopkins University count.