The coronavirus has already left 250,000 dead in the US without “signs of flattening the curve” of infections

The United States reached this Wednesday the 250,426 deaths by coronavirus, according to Johns Hopkins University, which puts the accumulated cases in the country at 11,517,455 – with more than 4.3 million recovered, while the Government health authorities acknowledge that they are facing the “worst” infection rate and no signs of flattening the curve.

In the last four weeks there has been an increase in the number of deaths of 42 percent, which means a weekly average of 821 daily deaths from the beginning of October to the average of last week, which was 1,167 deaths per day, according to figures from Johns Hopkins.

«At this moment, we are in an absolutely dangerous situation that we must take with the utmost seriousness, “said US Undersecretary of Health, Dr. Brett Giroir, who has acknowledged to NBC that the country is facing” the worst rate of increase in cases “since it began. the pandemic and that “there are no signs of flattening” of the curve.

The state of New York, the region with the highest death toll –34,187–, released on Friday new restrictions implemented in the framework of the pandemic. Among them, the closure of bars, restaurants and gyms at 10 pm and the limitation of social gatherings to a maximum of ten people.

Center of the pandemic at the beginning of the outbreak in the country, currently, is the fifth most affected state and it has more than 568,000 infections, along with more than 34,000 deaths.

Meanwhile the mayor, Bill de Blasio, has announced the closure of public schools, after the increase in cases of COVID-19, a disease that has already left more than 273,000 infected people in the city.

«New York City It has reached the average positivity threshold of 3 percent in seven days. Unfortunately, this means that public schools will be closed as of tomorrow, ”announced the mayor through his Twitter account.

The rising numbers pile up as US President Donald Trump continues resisting to admit his defeat in the presidential past against Joe Biden, whose team of advisers and experts in health matters has denounced the opacity of the current Administration, which does not facilitate access to the information handled by the current White House managers.

“We have not been able to sit down with the Trump Administration at all to understand what plans are on the table, where there are gaps, where help is needed and how we can make sure there is a smooth handover after January 20,” said Rick Bright. , a member of Biden’s team to fight the coronavirus pandemic.