It is expected to have a more SUV character and less off-road than the conventional

His debut can still take place before the end of the year

The new Range Rover EV, the first fully electric model to be released by the manufacturer, will completely put aside the off-road aura that its cars have always had to offer a substantial rival for the next generation of the Porsche Macan or the Audi e -tron Sportback. Its coming-out has been delayed due to the pandemic, but it may still occur before the end of 2020.

The first Electric Range Rover history is on the way. In fact, at this point in the year it should have already been presented. This has become known after Autocar accessed the transcript of a telephone conversation between the financial director of Jaguar Land Rover, Adrian Mardell, with investors. It recognized that this model was scheduled for August or September, but the coronavirus crisis has delayed it until October or November.

There is still time to meet the new Range Rover EV, as it is known at the moment, but we are already in a position to confirm the first details. The most important, his character. Will be the Range rover more ‘civilized’ ever. In other words, it will be designed by and for the road, which will put aside the off-road spirit that all the brand’s models have. It is also known that it will start from the MLA platform of the British consortium.

Land rover has in the renewed Defender to its reference when it comes to SUVs. In this way, the brand wants to completely separate the vehicles that are born from its electrification strategy. It is what they and Jaguar are going to focus on, which by the way is already preparing the new generation of the XJ, also as a fully electric model and which, like this one, has suffered a delay in its initial arrival plans.

Despite all this, sources of Land rover they ensure that the Range Rover EV it will have a more off-road feel than its rivals. Among them, those who are mainly looking at the brand are the Porsche Macan, whose new generation will be electric, and the Audi e-tron Sportback.

He Range Rover EV It will be located, by size, between the Evoque and the Velar, according to reports from Autocar. That means that its length will be between 4.37 and 4.80 meters. Of course, the foreseeable lower roof line will make its appearance somewhat more sporty. A sharper aesthetic is also expected that seeks to improve the aerodynamics as much as possible, something vital in order to increase the autonomy vehicle.

In addition to its electrification strategy, the decisions that have been made – and that will be taken – on this Range Rover EV they have a lot to do with the demands of the Chinese market, one of the most important for the manufacturer and where customers request more and more ‘premium’ cut crossovers and electric motors.

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