The coronavirus can leave Carlos Sainz without his first test with Ferrari

Carlos Sainz will have a day and a half of preseason in quotes. And it is that, just as Renault has done with Fernando Alonso in recent months, Ferrari has prepared private tests so that the Madrilenian can adapt to his new team even with the 2018 car. The first of them was scheduled for this January at Fiorano, although it could be canceled after Italy announced that it will extend its status emergency to combat coronavirus.

However, the mobility restriction is not affecting sports competitions. In addition, there is only a kilometer and a half between Maranello and Fiorano. Even so, Ferrari already canceled one of its tests last March at Fiorano because of the coronavirus.

Although with the 2018 car, since the regulations prevent more than 100 kilometers with a car that is not two years old, try the Ferrari it is of vital importance to Carlos Sainz. Already on December 18, during his first visit to Maranello, they took measures to the Spanish to make his seat. Now you have to try this one to correct any discomfort.

The problems for Carlos Sainz not to test the Ferrari

It should be noted that the teams have decided that the preseason, which will take place between March 12 and 14It will take place in Sakhir and not in Catalonia. The teams, therefore, will not move from Bahrain until the first race of the World Cup, dated for the 28th March. The counterpart is that the teams will only have eleven days to send by air those parts that they decide to modify after these tests.

Carlos Sainz He already wanted to test the Ferrari in the young drivers test that took place in Abu Dhabi. However, the FIA ​​did not give him permission to participate in this test in which he was Fernando Alonso, which led the Madrilenian to show his discomfort: “I am not happy with the decision because it does not seem entirely fair on the part of the FIA. I wanted to be in that test, especially when it is known that there is barely a day and a half of pre-season testing per driver. They could open their hands to pilots changing teams, even for safety. If anything fails in the Ferrari in that day and a half of testing I can get to the race without having tested the seat. But it has not been that way. There is inconsistency when applying the regulation, everyone should be open their hand ”.

At Renault, for their part, they recognize the handicap that Sainz or Ricciardo has to have only a day and a half of preseason; however, they assure that Fernando Alonso starts at a disadvantage compared to them. “I can understand that for Carlos Sainz or Ricciardo the challenge of next season with a new team will be complicated, because they will have to learn a new working method and will have to interact with unknown engineers, but in Fernando’s case it will be different considering his prolonged absence ”, said Marcin Budkowski. “For that reason we have prepared a comprehensive test program behind the wheel of the 2018 car. We want him to regain his rhythm, to regain his physical condition and everything he needs, ”added the executive director of the French team.

Ferrari promises to be patient with Carlos Sainz

Thus, Carlos Sainz he will have a certain margin at Ferrari as Mattia Binotto admitted: “I know it will be difficult at the beginning and I also think that he usually gives his best in the second season, and in the second I hope to see progress compared to the first ”. “He is a great partner and a hard worker, a leader who will help us to be stronger since 2021. He is a pilot for several years, not for few, that is the idea of ​​Ferrari ”, added the head of the Italian team.

Still Sainz needs to get used to his new team of engineers as soon as possible, especially Riccardo Adami, who has worked alongside Sebastian Vettel for the last six years. Ferrari He does not intend to sign engineers from other teams, so the Spaniard will inherit the entire team that the four-time champion had at his disposal, a team to which he must adapt for the first race of the World Cup.