The Coria remains with the victory against CD Diocesano (1-0)

04/04/2021 at 11:33 PM CEST

The Coria started with a 1-0 home win over the Diocesan during their first match of the Second Phase of the Third Division, which took place this Sunday in The island. With this result, the Coriano team is third with 48 points and the Diocesan CD fifth with 44 points in the locker after the duel.

The first part of the game began with a face for the local team, who took advantage of the play to open the scoring with a goal from David Lopez in minute 9. With this score the first part of the game ended.

Neither team managed to score in the second half, so the match ended with a score of 1-0.

Both coaches made moves on the benches. The coach of the Coria gave entrance to Antonio, Giráldez and Deme Rguez by Chema, Pine tree and Ivan Fdez, Meanwhile he Diocesan gave entrance to Herrera, stain and Alberto by Spout, Stubble and Mountain.

A total of six yellow cards and one red card were seen in the match. The locals showed a yellow card to Ivan Fdez, Mahillo and Chencho and red card to Chencho (2 yellow). For its part, the visiting team was cautioned with yellow to Patxi Davila, Zakarias and With that.

With this result, the Coria he gets 48 points and the Diocesan with 44 points.

On the second day the Coria will play against him Sherry away from home, while the Diocesan CD will face the Moralo at home.

Data sheetCoria:Galan, Mahillo, Carlos, Carlos Javier, David López, Álvaro, Pino (Giráldez, min.69), Chencho, Alejandro, Chema (Antonio, min.61) and Ivan Fdez (Deme Rguez, min.69)Diocesan CD:Cordero, Manu, Patxi Dávila, Monte (Alberto, min.76), Conesa, Zakarias, Cano (Herrera, min.66), Javier, Rastrojo (Mancha, min.76), Luismi Cruz and Víctor FelipStadium:The islandGoals:David López (1-0, min. 9)