the convenience of working remotely

Teleworking continues to be one of the most effective measures to fight the pandemic, but by working from home we should not deprive ourselves of properly equipping ourselves. And is that devices like the Trust Ozaa wireless mouse shows us that we can find devices that help us be more productive, without the need to sacrifice essential factors such as comfort, design, or pocket.

Specifications Trust Ozaa

Optical sensor

Six customizable buttons:
·2 common clicks
·1 button on the scroll wheel
·1 button on the top
·2 secondary buttons on the left side

Maximum speed
2,400 DPI

Maximum acceleration

Polling rate

USB Dongle (2.4 GHz) and microUSB cable

118 x 77 x 46 mm

99 grams

From 49.99 euros

Despite the fact that it is a good-sized mouse, the first thing that strikes us when using the Trust Ozaa is how light and comfortable it is. And it is that its pronounced ergonomic design for right-handers helps reduce the tension on the wrists to a minimum, making it a good option for those users who use a claw, fingers or palm type grip, greatly facilitating their grip in any position.

Regarding the general design, we will have lines that are generally quite curved and smooth, leaving just a couple of reserved angles to limit your main clicks, and create a small ledge with thumb rest; on the other side (literally speaking) by turning the mouse, we can find four slip Teflon adhesives that will guarantee a smooth glide on any surface, and even more fluid on the mats.

Thus, the Trust Ozaa has a total of six buttons and two wheels, with quiet main switches that will reduce most of the noise, adding an additional button for the hot change of sensitivity in the upper part under the central wheel, and two additional buttons on the inner side, where we will also find a second scroll wheel intended for horizontal scrolling.

Trust Ozaa Analysis

Trust Ozaa Analysis

And it is that this mouse is part of the new line of peripherals oriented towards teleworking, seeking to offer us a unique experience for browsing within documents. The ability to quickly switch between scrolling and precise navigation, without any mechanism noise or resistance, leaves a completely different feel than other professionally oriented mouse wheels we’ve had the chance to test.

Experience and use

Once again, and becoming especially important during these days of confinement and teleworking, we wanted to put the Ozaa Trust to the test in the two main scenarios: office automation and gaming.

Of course the mouse excels when working with him, assuming a great help when dealing with large documents from the Microsoft Office package, its horizontal wheel taking on a fundamental role in large caliber Excel files.

However, while it is not a mouse designed specifically for games, its ergonomic design, the possibility of changing the DPI on the fly and the inclusion of the two additional buttons make it a quite acceptable option for those who share the use from your computer for work and play.

One detail that has caught my attention is the fact of having a sticky type rubber material on both sides of the mouse, which with a small raised pattern in the shape of a blade, offers a very remarkable grip from the first moment and even in the longest sessions where we can incur the presence of sweat.

Trust Ozaa Analysis

Another of its most notable points is the fact that the Trust Ozaa maintains a wide range of compatibility, being able to use it with operating systems Windows 7 onwards, macOS 10.15 and higher, and even ChromeOS systems. In addition, for our part we wanted to go a little further, testing the mouse on other devices such as mobile phones (through a USB-C adapter) and tablets, verifying an almost complete use functionality of its capabilities.

However, the only detail we miss for this part is the absence of customizable desktop software, as well as the capacity of storage and change of profiles for the mouse. And is that although the default sensitivity settings themselves present a fairly well-managed magnification curve, we would have liked to have had a little more customization.

But you can’t talk about the efficiency of this mouse without talking about its battery, which with a USB-C connector on the front of the same that will allow us to use it while we charge it, it will offer us up to 70 days of autonomy with the same charge. A time when the mouse will be with us more than enough thanks to its good autonomy and the use of a built-in rechargeable battery, which will allow us to use the mouse even while charging.

In addition, thanks to the use of a rechargeable battery, we can avoid the use of disposable batteries and batteries, something that will not only help us save a small part of money, but will also help to contribute to the maintenance of the environment.

MC Good Choice Stamp

The Trust Ozaa Wireless Mouse is now available through some retailers such as Amazon, available with worldwide shipping at a price of only 49.99 euros for its three color variants, currently highlighting a small discount for the black model. A price that is surprising in itself due to its remarkably low price, but which increases its value even more given the nature of the mouse, usually these additions to productivity, ergonomic shape and wireless connectivity are some extra-price factors in other models on the market.

Final assessment

Build quality8.5

Installation and software8.5