The singer Loquillo wanted to join the tribute and farewell messages to the late leader of ‘Jarabe de Palo’, Pau Donés, who died on Tuesday due to the cancer he suffered since 2015. However, his comment on social networks has sparked controversy and criticism for the words chosen to remember Donés.

“I remember the first time I met Pau Donés. He kept an autograph of mine that I had signed for him when he was not yet in music. Rest in peace, Pau.” These words, with which Loquillo wanted to dismiss the singer of ‘Jarabe de Palo’, have earned him a wave of criticism on Twitter, among those who consider his anecdote “egotistical”.

Although Loquillo ‘tweeted’ his message this Tuesday, after learning of the death of Pau Donés, the controversy continued a day later on social media: