The men’s and women’s teams of Cruz Azul met last Wednesday their new uniforms for this football year that began the weekend, manufactured by Joma, for the third consecutive time.

Something that surprised the fans was regarding the uniforms of the female ‘La Celeste Machine’ players, since some of the footballers uploaded photos with their new skins, but there was something different, the shield!

In the new uniforms of Cruz Azul Femenil, the same shield of the men’s team appeared, and that was something strange for everyone, since the cement companies have been characterized by using the old shield, which also uses the Cruz Azul Hidalgo.

However, according to information from Toque Filtrado, from MedioTiempo, the reason for this was that the company that produces uniforms for Cruz Azul, Joma, did not plan the uniforms for the women’s team, which is why the new shirts featured the shield used by the men’s club.

Therefore, Cruz Azul Femenil clarified the situation that occurred with the sponsoring brand and announced that its players will continue to use the old shield on their shirts, as has happened in recent years.

« However, the directed ones will continue carrying and kissing the shield of the cooperative, the one with pink details with the initials CA and the cross in blue. It happens that the rush beat the sponsoring brand and the photographic work was done with models of woman and with the shield that we already know about the men’s team, « said Cruz Azul.