The contradictory versions of Josep Mª Mainat and Angela Dobrowolski on the alleged assassination attempt

‘Investigation team’ has achieved two of the most anticipated interviews in recent months: Josep Maria Mainat and Angela Dobrowolski They have spoken for the cameras of the laSexta program and both have given their version of what happened on the night of June 22, in which the German allegedly tried to end her husband’s life by inducing him into a diabetic coma. The facts that Dobrowolski is accused of have not yet been proven, as the trial has not yet been held. The investigators suggest that the German woman was the only adult present in the house and capable of giving her insulin, in addition to ensuring that the objective was to end the life of the producer.

Josep María Mainat tells what he remembers of the night in which the alleged assassination attempt took place in ‘Investigation team’

In the interview, Mainat has confessed that he does not remember very well what happened that night: « I was in a coma for some moments, then I woke up, although there are parts that I do not remember, that I have a blackout. » The producer explained that the trial will focus on discerning why 20 minutes passed since he entered severe hypoglycemia until his wife called the emergency room: « It takes too long and you have to know why. Dobrowolski has argued that that night was very tense and « with very serious emotional connotations », so he « doubts his memory » about the time elapsed, but he does assure that it was not so much: « 20 minutes impossible. »

Mainat explained that he does remember how he woke up: some domestic workers alerted him that he had been about to die due to his high sugar levels and at that moment it was clear to him that the last thing he had seen before losing consciousness had been his wife injecting her with something. For this reason, he asked the police « for all possible explanations why a person for the first time in his life gets ten sugar without having done anything special. « She is the only adult who was there and I want a trial to be made and a thorough investigation, » said the producer, who explained that it was his son Pol who denounced Dobrowolski.

Dobrowolski’s statements

The German has assured that she is innocent of the accusations of attempted murder and has explained what happened that day: they argued in the morning but at night they went to bed together and Mainat wanted to try a new injection, the Sanxexa, which she gave him along with the rest of the medicines that the producer usually drank. Dobrowolski said he noticed something was wrong when Mainat’s snoring mutated into « horrible noises. » In addition, she has denied the version of the researchers, ensuring that she did not inject insulin into her husband and arguing that there was no insulin in the house and that the analyzes showed that it was not present in Mainat’s body either: « That night I wanted to save my husband’s life ».

Angela Dobrowolski denies before the cameras of the ‘Investigation team’ that she wanted to murder her husband

This version not only contradicts the investigations of the investigators, but also goes against the testimony of a computer scientist that Dobrowolski hired a few days after what happened and that he affirmed that he saw on his computer « documentation on how to induce a diabetic coma. » Perhaps these statements increase the fear of her that Mainat claims to have, who has explained that hired a bodyguard to be always by his side in the weeks after the alleged assassination attempt, when he was still living with his wife.

« Why am I going to regret it? »

Dobrowolski has assured that he does not regret anything that happened: « Why am I going to regret it? »; Although the German has qualified her answer and has said that she would have liked to divorce before: « They have stolen my children, they have put me in jail … I have seen the jail three times and I have felt the handcuffs cutting my skin. » In addition, he has spoken about the complaint he has filed against Mainat and has explained that he did it because he suffered « bullying » in his own home from that fateful night. « It wasn’t predominantly physical abuse, although it happened too. », has assured.