The continued spike between Llull and David Broncano ends up shooting triples with babies

The Real Madrid player Sergio Llull He was the last guest on La Resistencia, the comedian’s program David broncano. The Balearic and the one from Jaén already had a particular point of union that came from last season, when during a match, Broncano and the white player starred in this photo:

An image in the Palace showed Llull celebrating a spectacular triple against Valencia, fans celebrating it, and only Broncano with a grumpy face. That was the starting point of an interview in which Llull reviewed his career, came out as best he could from the question of “how much money do you have”, and ended up with a triple hit.

On the NBA: “Here I am, giving you joys”

After talking about Llull and Broncano about the image, and acknowledging the comedian that he is from Estudiantes and that match did not make him very funny, then they reviewed his sports career. His 71 points as a cadet, his achievements with the national team, and his “No” to the NBA.

Llull, whose rights are held by the Rockets, is the only major European star who has so far refused to try at least in American basketball. “They changed me for cash,” he says about the transfer of his rights, “and I’m still here,” he said when asked by Broncano, who joked that one day the Rockets would ask him for the money it cost.

Money: “You have to pass Mendienta’s contact to me”

Llull did not escape the question that Broncano always asks his guests. At the endThe average player escaped saying he had “more money than Broncano”, but less than Antonio Resines, the second in the ranking with 12 million euros, only surpassed by Gaizka Mendieta, who acknowledged that he had about 30 million euros between investments and liquid money.

Llull also said that “he was very happy with his contract at Madrid”, and that he did not need to send the emoticon of the face with dollars in his eyes to Florentino, in an interview in which the comic served to also talk about what purely sporty.

And the final chop pulling babies

Taking advantage of the fact that Llull has recently been a father, the program ended with a contest where he and Broncano had to throw babies to cradles. Llull in the end managed to score this crazy triple as well. Let no one be scared, they were dolls.